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Web Application attacks are the most common attack pattern, representing 40% of all breaches

Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report

A successful attack often means hijacking of your user accounts, access to your customers data or anything else that resides in your database. As such, the importance of detecting and fixing web application vulnerabilities has become of paramount importance.

Shift web security testing to developers

If your business has a security team, Probely can be used to shift the web security tests from the security team to the development teams, freeing up the security team’s auditing time by 40-70%, allowing them to focus on deeper analysis of the most critical assets.

Make developers independent and security affordable

For smaller businesses, Probely can help Developers be more independent in regard to security testing.

Being independent means being able to test their code earlier in the development process, frequently and automatically, without any help from security professionals.

This agility contributes to a faster, and consequently more affordable development process while improving the overall security posture of web applications.

Faster and more affordable security testing

Efficient security tools and independent developers make security testing affordable and efficient

  • Security teams spend


    less time doing webapp security testing by using Probely

  • Reduces the risk by


    Of successful attacks in Web Applications by using Probely

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