Our Mission

We know that security can be a complicated and dreadful process. That’s why the majority of small businesses and SaaS companies don’t take any steps towards security improvements and often, they are victims of cyber security attacks.

Our mission here at Probely is to change that. We see a future where security is affordable, accessible and simple. And every day we work hard to provide you with a service that does that. Since most of us are both security professionals and developers we understand and address the pains of both sides!

Our Company

Probely is a Web Application Security Startup, based in Lisbon, Portugal. Our team of founders have been working together in this field for many years and in 2016 decided to create Probely.

Since its inception, Probely has been awarded a few times,

Lisbon Challenge Fall 16Caixa Empreender AwardEuropean Comission Seal of Excellence

and got funded by Bright Pixel, Caixa Capital, Busy Angels, Shilling Capital, and Novabase Capital

Bright PixelCaixa CapitalNovabaseBusy AngelsShilling Capital

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 807613


At the core of Probely’s team of founders, are highly skilled and certified web professionals that have been working together for 6+ years and have more than 10 years of experience in developing, auditing and securing large scale, complex and critical projects in the areas of web, long tail web services, APIs, payments and fraud, networking, mobile and IPTV.

  • Nuno Loureiro

    Co-Founder, CEO

    19+ years experience, MSc Information Security (CMU)

  • Tiago Mendo

    Co-Founder, CTO

    12+ years experience, MSc Information Security (CMU)

  • Hugo Castilho

    Co-Founder, Engineer

    11+ years experience, MSc Mechanical Eng. (IST-UL)

  • João Poupino

    Co-Founder, Engineer

    11+ years experience, MSc Comp. Eng. (IST-UL)

  • Bruno Barão

    Co-Founder, Engineer

    7+ years experience, MSc Comp. Eng. (FCT-UNL)

  • Filipe Silva

    Head of Sales & Marketing

    18+ years of experience in management, sales and digital marketing, MSc in IT (Univ. Lusiada)

  • Norma López

    Content Marketing

    Passionate for Marketing, communication and content, BSc in Marketing (UCA)

  • Romeu Lourenço

    Growth Marketer

    Passionate for Growth and SaaS businesses, BSc in Marketing Management (IPAM)

  • Isa Costa

    Web Designer

    Web Designer, BSc in Design & Multimedia (ETIC)

  • João Abreu

    Backend Developer

    Passionate for Python and Security, MSc in Information Systems and Computer Engineering (IST-UL)

  • Bruno Domingos

    Backend Developer

    Enjoys building things


  • Celso Martinho

    Optimistic geek technologist, product guy, mentor, investor and entrepreneurial soul, eventually thrown into a management career

  • Alexandre Santos

    An economist with (a not so) secret passion for tech

  • Pedro Veiga

    Professor at the University of Lisbon. Former Coordinator of the Portuguese National Center for Cybersecurity

  • Diogo Monica

    An expert in usable security, infrastructure security, and distributed systems security. Former Security Lead at Docker.