Our Company

Probely’s founders are highly skilled application security engineers and web professionals who spun off from an AppSec team of an international Telco provider. The team experienced first-hand the problem of scaling an application security team and built Probely to help software vendors reduce their time to market. Probely is a venture capital-backed company.

Our Mission

We know that making your web applications and APIs secure can be a frustrating process. Consequently, small businesses and SaaS companies can fall victim to opportunistic cybersecurity attacks.

Meanwhile, enterprises struggle with scaling their application security.

The Probely team envisages a future where security is accessible, scalable, and affordable. We work hard every day to provide our customers with a service that does just that.

Our Investors

Founding Team

At the core of Probely’s team of founders are highly skilled and certified web professionals that have been working together for 6+ years and have more than 10 years’ experience developing, auditing and securing large scale, complex and critical projects. We’ve worked in web, long tail web services, APIs, payments and fraud, networking, mobile, and IPTV.

  • Nuno Loureiro

    CEO & Co-Founder

    25+ years experience
    MSc Information Security (CMU)

  • Tiago Mendo

    CTO & Co-Founder

    20+ years experience
    MSc Information Security (CMU)

  • Hugo Castilho

    Engineer & Co-Founder

    19+ years experience
    MSc Mechanical Engineering (IST-UL)

  • João Poupino

    Engineer & Co-Founder

    23+ years experience
    MSc Computer Engineering (IST-UL)

  • Bruno Barão

    Engineer & Co-Founder

    15+ years experience
    MSc Computer Science (FCT-UNL)

  • Cláudio Gamboa

    Engineer & Co-Founder

    22+ years experience
    BSc Computer Engineering (UALG)

Our Advisors

  • Celso Martinho

    Optimistic geek technologist, product guy, mentor, investor and entrepreneurial soul, eventually thrown into a management career.

  • Diogo Monica

    An expert in usable security, infrastructure security, and distributed systems security. Former Security Lead at Docker.

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