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Probely’s novelty is mainly related to its approach: Developer Centric

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There are significant challenges on how developers deal with security and Probely’s goal is to narrow the gap between development and security and make security an intrinsic characteristic of the software development life cycle.

Why do Developers need Probely?

Existing scanning tools were not built targeting developers, and in today’s world, with the explosion of web applications and agile development methodologies, developers need to be more independent in regard to properly assessing the security of their web applications.

Being independent means being able to test their apps earlier in the development process, frequently and automatically, without requiring the help of security professionals. This agility contributes to a faster, and consequently more affordable development process while improving the overall security posture of web applications.

We want to help developers make their web applications more secure.

This checklist is supposed to be a brain exercise to ensure that essential controls are not forgotten.

Items on this list are frequently missed and were chosen based on their relevance to the overall security of the application. It’s a starting point.

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