Automated, Scalable, and Accurate Security Testing

Probely’s trusted DAST scanner automates and scales web application and API security testing.

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Continuously Raising the Bar in Security Testing

Reduce Cyber Security Risk

Probely’s web application and API vulnerability scanner is able to detect over 30,000 potential vulnerabilities and provides a report of the findings with detailed instructions on how to fix them. Get the security vulnerabilities that matter, false positive free - 0.06% in 2022.

Probely automates security testing in the most efficient way by integrating security testing into your software development lifecycle processes, from your CI/CD tool to your issue tracker, narrowing the gap between development, security, and operations.

No matter your job function, department, or team, Probely can help you work towards reducing your cyber security risk with efficiency and speed.

  • Powerful Web Application Scanning

    With Probely’s agent, you can scan any site hosted in your internal or private network. Once you download and install the agent, you can link it to your account and map targets to agents for scanning.

    The agent can also be used to scan targets from different geographical locations.

  • Modern API Vulnerability Scanning

    Probely’s top-notch API vulnerability scanner is able to detect large amounts of potential vulnerabilities allowing your team to actively run security testing as part of their API development process, no matter how you operate. 

    If you have a Single-Page Application (SPA) that makes XMLHttpRequests (XHR) to an API, Probely will seamlessly follow those requests and scan the API endpoints. If instead, you want to scan standalone APIs, you can do so via providing OpenAPI/Swagger schema files or Postman Collections. 

    Find the important issues you need to fix in your APIs by running scans designed to mimic hacking techniques, with detailed instructions on how to fix vulnerabilities.

  • Automate your Security Testing at Scale

    As your company or team grows, so does the pressure to secure critical web assets that could potentially leave your organization exposed. Agile development triggers more frequent releases and automation in the release process in which security should be a part of. Automate security testing into your CI/CD pipeline with Probely.  

    At Probely we focus on the efficiency of the process — independently if you integrate Probely into your CI/CD pipelines, or schedule recurring scans of your apps. From detection to remediation, Probely can efficiently help your company scale application security testing. 

    Security should be at the core of your organization without compromising valuable time and resources; whether you have one web application, or five thousand.

  • Get the security vulnerabilities that matter

    Benefit from our industry-low false positive rate

    False positives could be time consuming to handle, resulting in wasted time and resources from your security team. Probely’s web vulnerability and API scanner delivers near-zero false positives (0.06%), ensuring that detected vulnerabilities are a real threat and need to be addressed.

    Our team has dedicated years of work towards perfecting our industry-low false positive rate. We continuously improve by analyzing every report our customers file, while bookmarking the results we encounter. 

    What are the consequences of having too many False Positives?

    • “Alert fatigue” from your team: Your team will get an alert thinking it’s real, wasting time working on it.
    • If you use a tool that delivers many false positives it results in the need of your team validating each and every vulnerability reported. 
    • Finally, your team has lost confidence in the tool and its validity.

Integrate with your stack

Seamlessly integrate Probely with your tools by using our addons or full-featured API.

Embrace a Continuous Security Culture

  • Get everyone working on web application and API security

    From Development to DevOps, we believe security is the binding value across all teams. Build a unique security experience and culture within your organization.

  • Improve cross-team collaboration

    Security is the common ground where Development and Security teams can work together to find and fix vulnerabilities – fast.

  • Enable continuous improvement

    Application vendors must translate security values into actions. Empower your teams to tackle the high-risk vulnerabilities. Dispense with the barriers that get in the way of action.

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