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Why do DevOps teams need Probely?

Probely enables you to switch the focus from DevOps to DevSecOps in minutes. If you’re searching for a web application and API vulnerability scanning tool that can be fully operated via an API, you’re in the right place.

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API-first Development Approach

Probely API documentation screenshot

Probely follows an API-first development approach. This means that every single feature of Probely is first available on the API and then added to the interface. If we don’t have the integration you need, or if you want to integrate Probely with custom software or workflows, you can always use our API. You can also register account-based or target-based web hooks so that your application is notified of every Probely event.

Probely API documentation screenshot

Integration with CI/CD Tools, Issue Tracks and Messaging Apps

Probely integrates with your preferred CI/CD tools, issue trackers and messaging apps. If your development team uses Jira to track issues and Jenkins as the CI/CD tool, you can seamlessly integrate Probely into this existing workflow. Automatically start scans within your CI/CD Pipelines. Get the vulnerabilities found by Probely as issues in Jira. Once the team fixes and closes the Jira issues, Probely will automatically re-test the vulnerability and reopen the unresolved issue on Jira if necessary.

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