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Probely Enterprise DAST scanner automates and scales web application security testing

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Enterprise Edition

Probely Enterprise is the top-tier edition of Probely, designed for enterprise companies that manage a large number of attack surfaces across web applications, APIs, and internal targets.

In addition to the features you might expect in an enterprise-level platform, such as roles and permissions or single sign-on, we also offer exclusive features. These include standalone API scanning, a separate agent to scan internal targets, a UI that is focused on managing the risks for a large number of targets, and a complete set of integrations with 3rd-party software.

We want you to automate security testing in the most efficient way. Integrating security testing into your development processes, from your CI/CD tool to your issue tracker, narrows the gap between development, security, and operations. It makes security an intrinsic part of your web application development life-cycle. And, it means you report on the security vulnerabilities that matter, free of false positives and with accurate instructions on how to fix them.

  • Internal Target Scanning

    Scan targets in your private network

    With Probely Enterprise’s agent, you can scan any site hosted in your internal or private network. Once you download and install the agent, you can link it to your account and map targets to agents for scanning.

    The agent can also be used to scan targets from different geographical locations.

  • API Vulnerability Scanning

    Scan both single-page applications and APIs with schemas

    Provided the schema is supplied, Probely Enterprise can scan standalone APIs, in addition to APIs in the context of Single-Page Applications.

    You can deliver the schema in OpenAPI/Swagger or provide a battery of tests using Postman Collections. You can also configure dynamic authentication, using a JWT from the authentication response for instance, and you can also set custom values for attributes in your schema.

  • Granular Roles & Permissions

    Grant access based on least privilege

    Probely Enterprise enables you to allow only enough access to carry out a particular task, helping to further reduce your security risk. Grant access to just one target to a single team member, to an auditor who needs global read permissions, or to a group of targets for an entire team.

    Fine-grained access controls mean you can configure your own roles and assign them globally or on a limited basis.

  • Enterprise Focused UI

    Manage your risk across multiple targets

    Probely Enterprise was designed for companies that need to manage their security posture for a large number of website applications and APIs.

    You have all the tools you need to efficiently manage your targets, vulnerabilities, and risk. It includes a dashboard that is packed with metrics, an overview of all your targets with their risk level and when they were last scanned, and a list of findings across all applications sorted by risk or filtered in groups.

Integrate with your stack

Seamlessly integrate Probely with your tools by using our addons or full-featured API.

Embrace a Continuous Security Culture

  • Get everyone working on web application and API security

    From Development to DevOps, we believe security is the binding value across all teams. Build a unique security experience and culture within your organization.

  • Improve cross-team collaboration

    Security is the common ground where Development and Security teams can work together to find and fix vulnerabilities – fast.

  • Enable continuous improvement

    Application vendors must translate security values into actions. Empower your teams to tackle the high-risk vulnerabilities. Dispense with the barriers that get in the way of action.

The industry’s best customer support

  • Pre-Sales Consultant

    Our security experts are eager to understand your use-cases and resolve all queries even before you sign with us – no matter how many calls it takes.

  • Priority Support

    Your team has preferential access to ongoing support on any query. We’re known for providing friendly and dedicated customer support for our clients.

  • Enterprise SLA

    Our team of engineers ensures 99.99% uptime availability. And our security experts guarantee that any new web threats are rapidly incorporated and available in our scanner.

  • Dedicated CSM

    Your dedicated customer success manager (CSM) helps you seamlessly incorporate Probely into your workflow and provides you with ongoing security strategies.

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