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Security CTF — Start Your Hoodies!

Tiago Mendo
Tiago Mendo

December 19, 2022 · 1 min read

Get your best hoodie ready to play!

The Probely team will, again, organize the security capture the flag (CTF) competitions on this edition of Pixels Camp.

The CTF will take place at Pixels Camp, a 3 day non-stop tech event with talks, workshops and a 48 hour programming competition, held in Lisbon, Portugal, which had over 1000 attendees last year. Pixels Camp is organized by Bright Pixel, one of our investors.

It is a 3 hour competition with challenges that cover web security, cryptography, forensics and t̶o̶f̶u̶ trivia, where 10 teams of 4 people race against the clock to solve them.

It is a 3 hour competition with challenges that cover web security

To participate in the CTF one must first qualify by solving a series of challenges that we’ve named The Qualifiers.

The qualifiers will open on 1st of March 8pm at the Pixels Camp CTF page.

The challenges are open to anyone and are a very good opportunity to test your security skills. They are a good preparation for the CTF and you will have fun solving them while learning about subjects.

In the meantime, you can take a look at the qualification and CTF challenges from previous editions and train your skills. They are available on Probely’s Github Page.

So, wash your best hoodie, the qualifiers are coming.

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