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New in Probely: Jira Integrations, Jenkins Plugin and more!

In the past month, we’ve been working on some new things for you. We would like to highlight our Jenkins Plugin, Jira integration, and our new website (check it out).

Jira Integration

The Jira plugin enables you to sync issues found by Probely into your Jira project (2-way sync).

When a new finding is reported during a scan, Probely will automatically create an issue on Jira. Later on, if a finding is detected as fixed during another scan, the Jira issue will also be closed as fixed.

This also works the other way around. If you close an issue on Jira, that will trigger a re-test and if the issue is correctly fixed, Probely will close it on both sides. If not, it will re-open the issue on Jira.

To start using the Jira plugin, go to the Atlassian Marketplace product page and follow the provided instructions.

Probely Security Scanner app on Atlassian Marketplace

On the Probely side (target settings), you can map the status and severity/priority to the Jira values.

You can map Probely status/severity to the appropriate Jira status/priority

You can also choose whether you would like Probely to sync all findings or if you would like to sync individual ones (which you can select on the details of the findings).

For those that use the Jira server (on-prem), you are not forgotten. We are working hard on the Jira Server support, which will be available by the end of March.

Jenkins CI/CD plugin

Jenkins is widely used to provide continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) in software development.

We gave another step forward towards our goal of giving developers the right tools to test the security of their applications by publishing a Jenkins plugin.

Details about the plugin can be found here. It can be installed and configured through the Manage Plugins in your Jenkins instance. You can check the instructions here.

Installing the Probely Security Scanner plugin in Jenkins

​The plugin enables you to create a stage that starts scans from your Jenkins pipeline, based on the conditions you define.

So let’s suppose that every week you run a pipeline that builds and sends your application to a test/staging/QA environment. With this plugin, you can add a step that scans the application during that process.

Jenkins Plug-in Add Target Step

This is the plugin’s first version and we are already developing some improvements for version 2. We would love to have your feedback on what is missing or what can be improved.

New website

Probely new website screenshot

Looks good? We’d love to know what you think. Feel free to explore! We added some new content that might give you some ideas on how to make better use of Probely (check it out).

Other improvements

The re-test feature saw a lot of improvements in the past few weeks. This translates into fewer requests and a more accurate detection if the finding is fixed or not.

The crawling also got improvements to support features from newer ECMAScript versions, increasing the coverage in applications that use bleeding edge JavaScript.

Note: Your input is very important to us so that we can fine-tune our roadmap. If you think Probely is really missing an important feature just please let us know!