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New Business Case Study for the OLX Group and Probely

Probely Helps OLX Group API Reinforce Their API Security Best Practices

OLX Group partnered with Probely this year to strengthen their API security best practices in order to help them defend their companies’ customer data. This was to tackle the growing number of malicious hacks and maintain their brand integrity in the face of possible data breaches. 

The OLX Group – an online marketplace company with headquarters in Amsterdam – is one of the world’s fastest-growing networks of trading platforms, used by 300 million people every month.

We spoke to Global Head of Information Security, Luís Gomes, to find out just what prompted him to select Probely as a DAST partner and recommend its adoption throughout the OLX Group. 

The business case study covers the security priorities for the OLX Group. They were searching for an easy-to-set-up API and web application security scanning tool that could integrate with their in-house solution. This DAST solution needed to include source code scanning and provide evidence of vulnerabilities with no false positives. Probely provided all this, along with strong support, quick responsiveness, and active involvement in OLX’s corporate security.

Read the results of our interview with Luís, along with direct quotes and an explanatory diagram, in our newly published OLX Group Case Study: Probely’s API Driven Security Scanner Facilitates Creativity.