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João Poupino

João Poupino is a Co-Founder and the CISO of Probely. He has been passionate about security since early on, with a particular affinity for protocol design and cryptography.

During his 20+ years of work experience, he has built mission-critical Linux-based infrastructure, developed large-scale web applications, and performed security assessments and consultancy to developers.

He has also contributed to several open-source projects, including OpenSC, where he wrote the first open-source driver for the Portuguese Citizen Card.

João holds a BSc and MSc in Computer Science and Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico.

  • In this article, we propose how to create a modern and secure TLS setup, while maintaining adequate compatibility. Additionally, we provide ready-to-use Terraform examples for a Docker-based nginx reverse proxy setup, with TLS 1.3 support, and Let’s Encrypt automatic certificate renewal, for both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.