Web App Scanning

Two common problems of Web vulnerability scanners are the significant number of false positives and the scan coverage itself.

If you are automating security testing, you shouldn’t need to spend time validating vulnerabilities or babysitting the tool in order to have a good coverage of your app. The scan should be seamless and require the least intervention possible from you. The results should be actionable. This is our focus at Probely.

  • Next-Generation Spider

    State of the art Spider, based on Headless-Chrome, that navigates rich JavaScript apps and Single-Page Applications. You can’t scan what you can’t see!

  • Relevant Findings

    We automatically adjust the risk of the vulnerability based on its context and provide an evidence to prove that the vulnerability is real. We value your time!

  • Tailored Instructions

    All scans start off by running a fingerprinting module, which will detect technologies being used on your site. If available, Probely will provide tailored instructions on how to fix vulnerabilities based on the technologies used on your site.

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