Why do Security Professionals need Probely?

Most security tools are designed for seasoned security professionals – resulting in a risky wait for the results of professional penetration testing, or a steep learning curve for even the most enthusiastic developer. Your expertise is required to correctly interpret the findings, surface priorities and filter out irrelevant results. 

Probely was devised to help your team to embed security testing throughout the entire SDLC. This transfers (some) security testing to developers. If you can offload automated security testing to developers, you have more time to conduct thorough assessments on critical projects and vulnerability management. It also frees up your time to participate in the design phase of new projects.

  • Probely Dashboard

    Probely’s dashboard displays an overview of the security status of your targets. You can see at a glance which scanned targets need immediate attention, what vulnerabilities are frequently detected and the average time to fix. The dashboard also helps to guide your focus when training developers.

  • Application Security Scaling

    Application Security teams are typically undersized in comparison to development teams. Probely solves the scaling problem, by providing your developers with a tool that makes them less dependent on you for security testing. Everything from common vulnerabilities to complex issues, such as second order SQL injections or stored cross-site scripting, will be found automatically – without the need to involve a security expert.

  • A tool catered for team work

    Probely integrates with your preferred CI/CD tools, issue trackers and messaging apps. If your development team uses Jira to track issues and Jenkins as the CI/CD tool, you can seamlessly integrate Probely into this existing workflow. Automatically start scans within your CI/CD pipelines and view the vulnerabilities detected by Probely as issues in Jira. Once the team fixes them and closes the Jira issues, Probely will automatically re-test the vulnerability and reopen the unresolved issue on Jira if necessary.

The proof is in the coding

Make a measurable impact in the speed quality of your security testing

  • 58%

    less resources are required to conduct web application and API security testing

  • 72%

    improvement in risk trend over a period of 6 months

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