Why do Security Professionals need Probely?

Most security tools were built having the security professional in mind, which results in a long learning curve for a developer to properly use the tool. And there is an even longer learning curve for the correct interpretation of the findings, i.e. filtering out irrelevant stuff. In order to properly shift (some) security testing to developers, we need to have security tools that were designed from the beginning to be used by developers. This is how Probely was built. If you are able to offload automated security testing to developers, you will have more time to talk to developers, to perform more thorough assessments on the most critical projects, to participate in the design phase of new projects and to truly introduce security into the whole software development life-cycle (SDLC).

  • Probely Dashboard

    Probely’s dashboard lets you have a broad overview of the security of your targets. You can identify what vulnerabilities are introduced the most, and how long does it take to fix them. This way, you will know what you can focus on when training developers.

  • Scaling Application Security

    Application Security teams are usually undersized when compared to development teams. Use Probely to solve the scaling problem, by providing developers with a tool that makes them more independent when it comes to security testing. Low hanging fruits and other more complex vulnerabilities should be found automatically, without the need to involve a security expert.

  • A tool catered for team work

    Probely integrates with the most popular CI/CD tools, issue trackers and messaging apps. If, for instance, the development team uses Jira as issue Tracker and Jenkins as the CI/CD tool, you can orchestrate Probely to be used in a seamless way, without the need to change the team’s work habits. Automatically start scans within your CI/CD Pipelines. Get the vulnerabilities found by Probely as new issues on Jira. After they are fixed and closed, Probely will automatically re-test the vulnerability and reopen the issue on Jira in case it’s not properly fixed.

The proof is in the coding

Make a measurable impact in the speed quality of your security testing

  • 58%

    less resources to conduct web security testing

  • 72%

    improvement in risk trend over a period of 6 months using Probely

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