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Web Application attacks are the most common attack pattern, representing 30% of all breaches
— Verizon 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report

A successful attack often means hijacking of your user accounts, access to your customers data or anything else that resides in your database. As such, the importance of detecting and fixing web application vulnerabilities has become of paramount importance.

  • Shift Security Testing to Developers

    If your business has a security team, Probely can be used to shift security testing to development teams, freeing up security team’s auditing time by 40-70%. This will allow Security Teams to focus on deeper analysis of the most critical assets without sacrificing time to market.

  • Integrations

    Probely integrates with the most popular CI/CD tools, issue trackers and messaging apps. If, for instance, you use Jira as your issue Tracker and Jenkins as the CI/CD tool, you can orchestrate Probely to be used in a seamless way, without the need to change work habits. Automatically start scans within your CI/CD Pipelines. Get the vulnerabilities found by Probely as new issues on Jira. After they are fixed, just close them as you would with any other issue, and Probely will automatically re-test the vulnerability and reopen the issue on Jira in case it’s not properly fixed.

Faster and more affordable security testing

Efficient security tools and independent developers make security testing affordable and efficient

  • 58%

    less time spent doing webapp security testing by using Probely

  • 80%

    risk reduction of successful attacks in Web Applications by using Probely

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