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Standard Edition

The standard edition of Probely is focused on SMB companies, that do not have a Security Team in-house, and rely on Development or DevOps teams to perform security testing.

The entire user experience of Probely is focused on this particular use-case. We built a product that is sleek and easy to use, that allows you to start scanning in 5 minutes (Point&Shoot experience), and that provides you with tailored instructions on how to fix the issues that were found. This allows Development or DevOps teams to become more independent when it comes to security testing.

  • Relevant Findings, False-Positive Free

    At Probely we value your time. We know how frustrating it is to be asked to fix high-risk findings that represent a low-risk, or to waste time validating vulnerabilities to make sure they are real. So, instead of focusing on the numbers, we do our best to report only what matters and false-positive free. For certain classes of vulnerabilities, we provide an evidence that proves that the vulnerability is real.

  • API-First Development

    Probely follows an API-First Development approach. All new features are first added to the API and then to the UI.

    In other words, all features that you see on Probely’s app are available on an API, allowing you to integrate Probely with your development processes or security orchestration tools.

    You can also register account-based or target-based web hooks so that your application is always notified on every Probely event.

  • How-to-fix Instructions

    Probely provides tailored instructions on how to fix vulnerabilities, based on the type of technology being used on the website.

    This improves the efficiency of Security Testing and enables you to quickly remove the threats, without relying on security experts.

Integrate with your stack

Seamlessly integrate Probely with your tools by using our addons or full-featured API.

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