Probe.ly is a Web Vulnerability Scanning suite for Agile Teams. It provides continuous scanning of your Web Applications and lets you efficiently manage the lifecycle of the vulnerabilities found, in a sleek and intuitive web interface.

Probe.ly provides tailored instructions on how to fix the vulnerabilities (including snippets of code), and by using its API, it can be integrated into the development processes and the continuous integration tools, in order to automatize security testing.

Probe.ly runs in the cloud as a SaaS and is targeted at companies that build online services.

Reduced False Positives

Safely exploits findings to confirm vulnerabilities.

Better Vulnerability Detection

Advanced Fingerprinting module to recognize popular Web Applications.

Scanning Modules allows us to run specific modules to target a specific Web Application.

Open Platform

Every single feature of Probe.ly is provided through an API.

Customers can integrate our product into their Continuous Integration (CI) tools, to enhance automated testing.

We also have integrations for Slack for notifications and Jira to synchronize tickets.

Developers in Mind

Most of our competitors assume that their product will be used by Security Teams. However, it’s the developers that are the ones that will fix the vulnerabilities.

We speak the same language as developers, so the details of the vulnerabilities and how to fix them will always have the developers in mind.