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Reduce your risk of attacks by Log4j RCE security vulnerability. Get accurate, automated web application and API security testing that scales. Simple and easy to use, Probely enables security and development teams to work together to reduce risk and save resources.

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Web Application & API Vulnerability Scanner

Probely’s web application and API vulnerability scanner scans and exposes vulnerabilities, and provides a report of the findings with detailed instructions on how to fix them.

  • DevOps-Centric

    Developers and DevOps value independent security testing. Probely provides precise guidance on how to fix vulnerabilities as well as a full-featured and well-documented API.

  • Relevant Findings

    Your engineers’ time is valuable. The Probely scanner automatically adjusts the severity risk of the vulnerability based on its context and provides evidence to prove legitimacy.

  • API Vulnerability Scanning

    Scan both your rich web applications and APIs, including any microservices and standalone APIs that are based on an OpenAPI (Swagger) Specification or Postman Collection.

  • CI/CD Integration

    Fully automate your web application and API security testing by integrating Probely into your CI/CD pipelines and enjoy two-way sync with your preferred issue tracking platform.

  • Next-Generation Spider

    Probely’s revolutionary spider, based on Headless-Chrome, crawls and indexes your rich, interactive JavaScript apps and sophisticated Single-Page Applications with ease.

  • Compliance

    Demonstrate your compliance with PCI-DSS, OWASP TOP 10, ISO27001, HIPAA, and GDPR standards using a series of detailed management reports with requirements checklists and summaries.

Accurate Detection

Find what other scanners don’t, without the noise of false positives.

Probely provides exceptional accuracy, thorough coverage and eliminates false positives with our evidence-based scanning. It detects over 20,000 vulnerabilities, including SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), OS Command Injection, and SSL/TLS issues.

Scan restful APIs, websites, and complex web applications, including rich Javascript applications such as single-page applications (SPA).

Target findings list
Vulnerabilities with severity indication
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  • Next-Generation Spider

    You can’t scan what you can’t see! Our state-of-the-art spider, a Headless-Chrome-based spider, deftly navigates rich JavaScript apps and Single-Page Applications to provide exceptional accuracy and thorough coverage and eliminates false positives with our evidence-based scanning.

  • API Vulnerability Scanning

    Scan restful APIs and microservices

    Scan restful APIs based on Swagger/OpenAPI or Postman Collections. You can configure dynamic authentication using a JWT from the authentication response, for instance, and you can also set custom values for attributes in your schema.

  • Relevant Findings
    False-Positive Free

    Invest your time in fixing high risk vulnerabilities

    We value your time. And we know how frustrating it is to be asked to fix vulnerabilities that represent a low risk, or to waste time validating their legitimacy. We only share the findings that matter and reports are false-positive free. For certain classes of vulnerabilities, we provide evidence that proves the vulnerability is real.

  • Corrective Instructions

    Eliminate all detected vulnerabilities

    Probely provides specific instructions on how to fix vulnerabilities, based on the type of technology used on the website.

    This improves your security testing efficiency and enables you to quickly remove threats independent of security experts.

  • Achieve Compliance

    Use Probely to achieve security compliance

    • PCI-DSS Compliance
    • OWASP TOP 10 Compliance
    • Personal Data Protection compliance (GDPR, CCPA, LGPD)
    • ISO 27001 compliance
    • HIPAA security standards
  • Integrate with your stack

    Seamlessly integrate Probely with your tools by using our addons or full-featured API.

  • API-first Development Approach

    Probely follows an API-first development approach. This means that every single feature of Probely is first available on the API and then added to the interface. If we don’t have the integration you need, or if you want to integrate Probely with custom software or workflows, you can always use our API. You can also register account-based or target-based web hooks so that your application is always notified of every Probely event.

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