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Probely Joins Forces with Security Headers to Enhance Vulnerability and API Scanning Technology

As part of our mission to make security available for everyone in the community, Probely is proud to announce that we are joining forces with Security Headers. Security Headers is a wildly popular tool with the security community having launched almost 250M Security Headers scans to date. This collaboration will allow users of Security Headers to benefit from our shared commitment to keeping security testing open and accessible. 

Security headers partnership

Having been a Security Headers sponsor since the fall of 2020, the next optimal step was to move closer towards a partnership. Security Headers users will continue to benefit from the free security scans that they’ve come to rely on, while also having the option to go a step further and access our powerful DAST scanning from Probely. This will make it easier than ever to keep your website secure and protected from vulnerabilities, along with detailed instructions on how to fix them.

“Having launched almost 250M scans to date, Security Headers offers organizations a foundation for security testing,” said Nuno Loureiro, CEO of Probely. “Probely is a natural next step to probe deeper. The opportunity to strengthen our collaboration with Scott will only enrich Security Headers and enable us to continue to give back to the community with free security testing tooling.”

“By joining forces with Probely, I’m incredibly happy that Security Headers will remain stable and viable for years to come!” said Helme. “I’m also really looking forward to working with Probely’s excellent team of technical people to continue to build improvements that will serve the cybersecurity community and help secure the next 250M sites that we scan.” Scott Helme, Founder of Security Headers and Independent Security Researcher.

“Security Headers has provided a valuable service to those wishing to improve their security posture for many years. It’s been exciting to see Scott build this service up to cover an increasingly broad range of observable website security metrics, and with Probely’s support, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this service. Congratulations to both Scott and Probely!” Troy Hunt, founder of “Have I Been Pwned” and Microsoft Regional Director.

About Scott Helme

Scott Helme is a world-renowned Security Researcher, Entrepreneur and International Speaker. He launched Security Headers in Feb 2015 to help organizations learn about modern web security features and it has since grown to be the authoritative voice on such features.

About Security Headers

Security Headers is a free tool that was designed and built to help website operators learn about ways to improve security. From humble beginnings, Security Headers has grown to be the authoritative voice on the configuration of HTTP Response Headers and conducts millions of scans per month. Continuing our goal of sharing information and helping to educate others, joining Probely will strengthen the project and working together we can better achieve our goals of improving security for everyone. For more information about Security Headers, visit https://securityheaders.com/. Stay informed with Scott Helme on Twitter.

At Probely, we believe that in order to keep the web a safe place for everyone, security testing must be kept easily accessible. In this new partnership, users from both Security Headers and Probely will benefit mutually from our contributed investment towards building the best security platform possible in the long-term. 

Both Probely and Security Headers pledges to innovate our products and ideas to better serve the security needs of our users collectively. We’re excited to be partnering with Security Headers to make that mission a reality. Together, we can make sure that everyone has the resources they need to stay secure in today’s digital world.

Read more in Helme’s blog here: https://scotthelme.co.uk/security-headers-is-joining-probely/.