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New plans and new features

When we first founded Probely we did it with the belief that security should be accessible and affordable for every business out there. And every day we wake up and work hard to fulfill that belief. Lately, we have been developing something that we hope is going to contribute to making the internet a more secure environment for all of us. So, after several weeks of hard work, we are excited to announce some big changes at Probely.

Photo by Sherman Yang

To make security easier and simpler for you, we have added some new exciting features. And to make it more accessible we have also introduced new pricing plans. Starting with the pricing plans, we now have four plans, one of them being a free plan.

Free plan

We know how important (yet expensive) security is, and we know that your budget shouldn’t be an obstacle when you are trying to provide your users with a safe and secure environment. So by introducing the Free plan we tried to minimize the negative impact that a lack of budget can have on security.

This free plan allows you to add up to 5 targets (web apps / sites) and to run what we call, lightning scans.

The lightning scan is a quick scan that checks for certain types of vulnerabilities or security issues, such as SSL/TLS problems, Security headers and cookies flags. It is like using Qualys SSLlabs, securityheaders.io and a few others, all together in one place and accessible via an API. As a bonus, it also keeps the history of your scans, so that you can track your progress over time.

This scanning profile does not include a lot of other types of vulnerabilities, such as XSS or SQLi, but it is a good one to check the very basics. If a hacker stumbles on your site, the first thing he/she will most likely do, is to understand your security posture. These type of issues are really easy to check and if you have them, it will show the hacker that you don’t really take security seriously, therefore you will probably be an easy target and he/she will continue to look for other issues. Keep in mind that, these days, hackers are looking for profit, and if they stumble on your site and find traces that you take security seriously, they will probably move on to an easier target.

The other big advantage of the lightning scan is that it takes less than 60 seconds to run. This allows you to integrate this scan into your CI/CD pipelines (in blocking mode). Check out our developers site for more information on how to do this.

Starter plan

The starter plan includes the basics for a full coverage scan, for the minimum possible price. It gives you access to the API, but limits the frequency of scans to one per week.

Pro plan and new features

The Pro plan includes several other features that we will talk about in more detail at another time. My favorite one is disruptive in the security scanners domain: multi-environment targets. When you add a new multi-env target, you can define the URL of your testing environment and the URL of the production environment. Probely will perform more aggressive and intrusive scans against the testing environment, and safer and non-intrusive scans against the production environment. It will also validate that the findings from the testing environment are not present in production. With this feature, Probely can get you covered, both in testing and production as if it were a single target.

Premium plan

The premium plan includes a pool of 5 active targets. This means that you can add or delete targets at will, as long as you do not have more than 5 targets at a time. This plan also includes an add-on for archiving targets. When you archive a target, you free up the slot to add another target, without losing the history of the target (as it happens when you delete a target).

We hope that the new features and pricing plans will help you, and we hope you are as excited to try them out as we are! As for us, we will continue working and trying to add more valuable features for you in the future. If you need any help with the new changes, or with Web security in general, make sure you contact us — we are always happy to help!

You can try out Probely by creating your free account here.