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Tackling the Security vs. Flexibility Conundrum: Why Mercato Solutions Trusts Probely

Nuno Loureiro
Nuno Loureiro

July 04, 2024 · 2 min read

Balancing application security and flexibility has always been a challenge: innovative applications require proper robust security, but excessive restrictions can interfere with their functionality. Probely has helped Mercato Solutions find the right balance between them with success.

According to their CTO, Neil Tonkin, “Probely increases our visibility, agility, and flexibility, and helps us keep development teams moving as fast as possible”. And there are several reasons why our DAST solution empowers Mercato Solutions like this. Some of them are: “I can integrate it into our DevOps pipeline, I can target unpublished prototypes, and see their security status quite quickly.”

Probely & Mercato Solutions: a DevSecOps Success Story

Mercato Solutions, a leading low-code enterprise application provider in EMEA, helps their global clients transform their business processes with bespoke and branded software platforms, applications, and cloud environments that help workflow more efficiently and effectively.

Mercato partnered with Probely to provide secure applications while navigating the balance between safety and flexibility. By integrating Probely into their DevOps pipeline, Mercato’s development team has already been able to create more secure applications, reduce response times, and improve SLAs.

This business case study covers how Mercato Solutions’ collaboration with Probely has been a key factor to perfectly combine innovation with top-notch security scanning. This partnership not only strengthens Mercato’s services but also ensures their clients can work smarter, safer and more efficiently.

Read the outcome of our interview with Neil, along with direct delicious* quotes, in our newly published Mercato Solutions Case Study: Probely’s Deep Mix of DevOps and SecOps Increases Agility & Flexibility.

Mercato Solutions Customer Case Study - Probely

*You will understand them once you read the full case study.

Case Study
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