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Kateryna Osadchenko

Kateryna is an experienced Tech Writer and Content Developer with product ownership and delivery mindset. She brings 5+ years of experience as a Tech Writer, Overall 9+ years in the IT industry, including communications and operations roles. Helping teams bring outstanding products and experiences to life with inclusive and practical content. She is also an active member of the content development community, giving talks and attending meetups and conferences to mingle and share the best tech writing/ops practices.

  • Depending on the target's nature, you may want to prevent scans from running at certain times. For instance, when you don't want scans to affect your team's productivity during working hours or when you want to guarantee that your website can handle all customer requests during peak hours. With Probely, you can pause and resume scans later, both on-demand and automatically.
  • Understand how to use Teams to mimic your company’s structure better and address its needs. Please note that this feature is only available for Probely Plus. Teams provide a way for you to group Users, API keys, and Targets in one place so that managing them becomes easier and time-efficient. You can create multiple teams for one account. Teams act as independent units/groups and help you separate and assign targets for each team, limit the number of targets, set scopes, and user roles. One user can be added to different teams and assigned roles that don’t affect one another, such as an admin, developer, or a custom role.